AeroShell Fluid 18

AeroShell Fluid 18 Mineral Lubricating Oil offers superior corrosion protection wherever water may come in contact with metal parts. It can be used for a variety of applications including aviation, automotive, industry and more. The fluid lubricates while it protects and can be used indoors or out. The highly refined petroleum-based lubricating oil works well at moderately low temperatures, but is not recommended for use as a lubricant in extremely low temperatures below -57 degrees C. AeroShell Fluid is sold in a 1-gallon can.

AeroShell Fluid 18 is for use in the lubrication and corrosion protection of small arms and automatic weapons and as a general purpose lubricant for all applications where water displacing, corrosion protection, and low temperature lubrication is required.

AeroShell Fluid 18 is also intended for locks, hinges, electric motors, fans, small bearings, control rods and cables and can be used in numerous non-aviation applications.

AeroShell Fluid 18 is not recommended as a lubricant at temperatures below -57°C.

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