Aeroservices has Total Chemical Management expertise, acting as a single source for 95% of lubricants and consumables requirement of commercial fleets at any given time. With MRO capabilities to boot supported by supply of standard aviation hardware, Aeroservices is a one-stop shop for maintaining smooth operations. More than 50% contractual business varying from 3-5 years demonstrates Aeroservices' capabilities as a business and the trust our customers repose in us.


  • Dedicated Business Development Associate and Logistics Co-ordiantor assigned to each client for excellent customer service


  • Support from 3 different time zones and logistical hubs - London, Dubai, Singapore - as per client's location and timescale


  • ERP system analyses client's usage/consumption patterns and pre-warn to avoid AOG situations


  • With CRM's predictive analysis, we know what C Checks and other Maintenance you require and when