Mobil Avrex™ M Turbo 201/1010

Mobil Avrex M Turbo 201/1010 gas turbine lubricant is a combination of a proven aviation engine mineral oil base stock and an ashless additive package. The effective operating range for Mobil Avrex M Turbo 201/1010 is between -40°C and 121°C (-40°F and 250°F). The pour point is below -57°C (-70°F). Mobil Avrex M Turbo 201/1010 is recommended for older design aircraft gas turbine engines. The product is approved against U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-6081, Grade 1010. It should be used only in those turbine engines where the operating temperatures are within the capability range of mineral oil-based lubricants.

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