FM® 350NA adhesive film is an aluminum-filled structural adhesive designed for elevated service temperatures. It was developed specifically for engine nacelle applications demanding continuous mechanical performance at 350°F (177°C). The FM 350NA adhesive product group optimizes bonding capabilities of metal honeycomb sandwich structures, especially those involving a perforated metal skin. Cytec’s BR® 154 and BR® 6750 corrosion inhibiting primers are recommended for use with FM 350NA adhesive films in bonding aluminum details. FM 350NA is supplied on a light-weight glass carrier (FM 350NA) or as an unsupported film (FM 350NAU). Both forms provide superior flow properties without the use of asbestos as a thixatrope. FM 350NA adhesive, when properly cured at 340°F – 365°F (171°C – 185°C), exhibits impressive service properties, as exemplified by the test results reported in the attached tabulations. FEATURES & BENEFITS  Structural properties from -67°F to 350°F (-55°C to 177°C)  Superior resistance to long-term thermal environment exposure  Unsupported film reticulates easily when heated

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